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Wicon Energy can convert your fleet, small engines and provide all your Autogas needs. We can also supply all of your commerical and residential propane needs.


Wilcon Energy has a Certified Conversion Center with trained technicians who will convert and maintain your autogas vehicles. Wilcon Energy certified conversion technicians deliver quality-controlled, EPA-certified conversions. More information



When it comes to your business, reliable propane delivery is crucial. Wilcon Energy can deliver the propane that keeps employees warm, trucks and forklifts running, and customers happy.. More information



Wilcon Energy will come to you, as simple as that, we can get you enrolled on our weekly deliver program



Choose the warmth, comfort and convenience of Wilcon Energy for inside and outside your home. We offer propane for many different reasons. Propane is an efficient fuel that is clean burning, cost effective and reliable source that has many uses such as heating and cooling homes, heating water, cooking, drying clothes, barbecuing, lighting, and relaxing in front of the cozy propane fireplace. Homeowners prefer propane energy because it is clean, reliable and economical. More Information

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